Tieg Johnson Biography

Guitar / Voice

strange looking guitar

Tieg has worked professionally as a musician ever since becoming the youngest graduate from the Musician’s Institute at 16.

His first job was touring the country with (now Academy Award winner) Brie Larson who also used him in her music video which was in heavy rotation on MTV. With Brie, he also performed on Sessions@AOL and the 2 Nickelodeon shows “All That” and “U Pick Live.”

After his band Canon got signed to a record contract, he decided to focus his efforts closer to home. Canon recorded an album with producer Justin Meldal-Johnson (Beck, NIN, Paramore) which was distributed by Universal.

Not being on the road allowed Tieg to become a session musician. He often records for Grammy winning engineer Cassidy Turbin (Beck), film composer Mark Isham, director Taron Lexton, and film composer Ali Helnwein. He has played guitar for major motion pictures (The Longest Ride), independent movies, television shows (Once Upon A Time, American Chopper), advertisements (Google, ABC Mouse) and recording artists (James Tillman, Fiona Grey, Wil Seabrook).

Tieg started his music career at the age of 10 being a featured singer in a 70 member singing, acting and dancing troupe that performed around Southern California. Deciding it was time to get back behind the microphone, he formed a throwback folk trio with two friends and they called themselves Shelby, Tieg & Tara. After a couple self-made EPs, hundreds of shows, 3 name changes and the addition of many new band-members, the group TIEG was officially born in 2018.