Predicted Frequently Asked Questions

Your website looks so beautiful / looks like ass. Why?
We couldn't agree more. Tieg likes to do everything himself whether he is qualified or not. This is as good a website as he can code from scratch with his minimal html and css knowledge. He plans to learn more, but realistically it may stay this way for a while.
Why is "Tieg" sometimes in all caps and other times not?
"Tieg" refers to Tieg Johnson who is one person. "TIEG" refers to his band which is nine people.
What kind of guitar/pickup/DI is that?
Most likely you saw Tieg playing a Taylor GS6 first generation or a Yairi Alvarez. The pickup in both is an L.R. Baggs Anthem. The DI is a Red Eye. His dream guitar is a Hayes acoustic. Feel free to start a GoFundMe for his dream guitar.
You guys would be so much better if you
STOP right there imaginary person. This section is for questions only.
Is this really a band? Looks like a solo project.
All Tieg wants is to be in a band. Don't take it away from him.
Would you guys like to play at
YES! Just send the info and some lineup of the band will be there. (Paying gigs get upright bass. Non-paying ones don't.)
What's next for you guys?
TIEG has their next song ready to go. Make sure you are on the mailing list and follow at least one of our other pages and you'll hear about it soon!
I thought I wanted to know the answer to my previous question, but once you started talking it felt like a sales pitch and I zoned out.