Grammy Winners' Friends

TIEG (pronounced like 'fatigue' without the 'fa') is a 9 piece orchestral folk band fronted by Los Angeles singer/songwriter Tieg Johnson. TIEG creates music that makes middle-aged women cry. If you like acoustic music but are not a middle-aged woman, you'll probably still really love it. As a singer, Johnson has been compared to Art Garfunkel while as a songwriter and guitarist, he has been compared to Paul Simon. This has led Tieg to the conclusion that his music sounds like Simon and Garfunkel but emanating from a single human body and thus only half as good. He has attempted to make up for this fact by getting 8 other people to join his band which he promptly named TIEG to make sure they knew their place. Tieg and TIEG like to joke but this is not indicative of the band's music which probably takes itself way too seriously.